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Investment Consulting

Growing competition along with economic risks increases the demand for professional investment consulting services. These services are becoming increasingly important for projects initiated by both large private companies and government agencies. Investment consulting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Development and comprehensive support of the investment project;
  • In-depth analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the business project;
  • Fundraising and advising on capital raising instruments.

Each of these services affects the investment activities of the business, based on the use of special consulting technologies that can increase the probability of success of the project. The implementation of large investment projects based on intuition no longer corresponds to economic realities and cannot satisfy the growing demands of business in the context of globalization and access to world markets, passive investing. As doing business, investing in many industries today faces increasing competition for capital, fundraising has become an important element of investment consulting.

Fundraising as a comprehensive service includes the following: 

  • Search for potential investors and creditors;
  • Development of high-quality project presentation, investment;
  • Effective communications with major capital suppliers;
  • Modeling and forecasting of cash flows;
  • Financial guarantees of investments, etc.

Today, the key task of the investment consultant is to create mechanisms that ensure compliance with the interests of project participants in long-term investment. Professional services in this context help companies to prevent serious financial or reputational losses by ensuring an adequate investment agreement structure and proper management of financial flows and passive investing.

The investment group of companies has a long history of financing large investment projects around the world. We are ready to provide you with advanced investment consulting services for projects in engineering, investment, mining and processing, traditional and renewable energy, oil and gas sector, agriculture, real estate and other industries.

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Darren Murphy

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